If you are looking to co-create an engaging dialogue with your employees, on gender equality in the workplace we can provide workshops and retreats according to your needs.

Please get in touch at femprinciplepoetry@gmail.com

Workshop benefits

  • Allows exploration of gender equality issues in an accessible, relaxed and non-threatening environment
  • Creates dialogue on best practice for gender equality in the workplace
  • Improves listening techniques and skills of employees
  • Contributes to employee well-being through participation in creative practice
  • Provides an introduction to Bohm Dialogue as a means for improved communication and relationships

Workshop details

Using a variety of poetry and creative writing techniques, complemented with breathing and movement exercises, the topic is introduced to the workshop participants to be examined on both a personal and group level. 

The workshop and subsequent group discussion is framed by Bohm Dialogue, a communication technique that encourages the suspension of judgement whilst listening, and the creation of new thinking through shared meaning. 

The exercises used ensure that the workshop is accessible to all, regardless of previous creative writing experience or knowledge of the topic. The tone of the workshop is inclusive and informal and the objectives are for it to be thought-provoking and empowering.

To explore your organisational or team needs, including your desired objectives and outcomes, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.